Why Do You Write?

Take the 40 Reasons “Why Do You Write?” Challenge

Would you like to accept the 40 reasons why do you write challenge?
If so, take the challenge (dare you!) by posting your reasons on your blog and then come back here and post the link to your list in the comments. You get extra awesome points if you link back to this post.

1. Because I have something to say.
2. Because I have a willingness to look stupid.
3. It’s a means of expression for me.
4. I want to educate.
5. I love being creative.
6. I read books and think I would have done that differently.
7. It’s easier to say what’s on my mind via the written word than verbally.
8. I can reach a wider audience by putting my words out there.
9. Entertainment purposes for myself.
10. Entertainment purposes for my readers.
11. To make a little extra money sometimes.
12. I write to express my feelings about things.
13. Putting words on paper is a good way to get it out of your head.
14. I write because things aren’t just in black and white.
15. I write to dig deeper into a subject.
16. I write to elevate my mood.
17. I write to get things off my chest.
18. I write to release stress.
19. I write to chew someone out without them ever knowing.
20. I write to tell those who have wronged me just what I think about that.
21. I write as a buffer.
22. I write because it’s better to allow myself to be angry.
23. I write because I want to.
24. I write because the joy of seeing something come together is awesome.
25. I write so that I can lie with purpose.
26. I write so I can weave words into magic.
27. If people read my words, maybe they’ll understand my motives better.
28. I write so I can do something productive while wasting my Sunday.
29. I write to inspire others.
30. I write so I can get my brain to shut up.
31. I write because I have a vivid imagination.
32. I write because no one can tell me not to.
33. I write to better myself.
34. I write to make people aware.
35. I write so I can alleviate boredom.
36. I write because there are so many stories out there to tell.
37. I write because the world needs more writers.
38. I write because it’s free.
39. I write more because it helps my writing improve.
40. I write because I want people to read my words.

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