Dear Future Man in My Life

The older I get, the more I refuse to “settle” for just any relationship. I’m not necessarily looking for another husband — been there, done that. Twice. But I am looking for someone who will love and accept me and my dogs.

I never had kids of my own. Before you feel sorry for me, please understand that it was my choice to not pro-create. I knew from a very early age that I never wanted to give birth and did something permanent about that before I turned thirty. My dogs are my kids. They mean as much (or more) to me as your two-legged children mean to you.

Singles sites. Ugh. I’ve never had any luck. Typically, the men my age are all looking for a woman half their age and their profiles typically depict them with a motorcycle or two-seater car. Not interested. I mean, seriously, where are my dog(s) supposed to ride in a Corvette? Snap a pic of you and Fido, and I’ll take a second, or third look. Heck, I might even write and tell you what a beautiful dog you have.

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they interact with animals. If my dogs like you, chances are pretty good that I will too.

Dear future man in my life, I’ll recognize you the moment I see you. You’ll be at the park, sitting under the shade of that giant oak tree reading a book, while your well-behaved canine companion lounges in the grass beside you.

Dear future man in my life, you won’t care if the Saturday night movie of choice is a chick flick, so long as the dog doesn’t die.

Dear future man in my life, you won’t complain when you have to share my bed with the dogs. You’ll laugh and say, maybe it’s time to buy a bigger bed.

Dear future man in my life, you won’t roll your eyes when I tell you about a rescue dog that desperately needs my help. You’ll take a deep breath and say, “Where is he and when can we go get him?”

Dear future man in my life, you won’t get mad when I have to cancel our plans because one of my kids is under the weather. We’ll order a pizza and snuggle on the couch so I can keep an eye on my baby.

Dear future man in my life, you’ll put up with no carpet on the floors to warm your feet in the wintertime, because everyone knows that vinyl and laminate are much easier for wiping up accidents.

Dear future man in my life, you’ll get me. You’ll never tell me to get over it, it’s just a dog, when I lose one of my beloved pets. You’ll hold me and we’ll both cry, because losing a dog is so damned hard.

Dear future man in my life, I’ll wait for you. I know you’re out there looking for a future woman in your life like me. Maybe you’ll find me out walking my dog.
We’ll find each other, and if we need a little push in the right direction, maybe our dogs will help set things in motion. ❤

PS. I borrowed the above graphic after doing a Google search for “man with dog” images. I opted to not read the article accompanying the image, as it was about the legalization of beastiality in another country. I love my dogs, but I don’t love them like that.

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Lori L. Clark

Lori L. Clark currently resides in Hazelwood, MO with three rescue dogs. When Lori isn't listening to the voices in her head, waiting for the next creative inspiration to strike, she also loves to read, run, paint pet portraits and save dogs. Email Lori at

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