Tiny Scooner in a Vast Sea of New Releases

Seriously? Granted, these releases are over a pretty long course of time. But still, that's a lot of books! These are also only the ones that are available for pre-order. And, I suspect this isn't an all-inclusive list of books that are to be released. The list, if you are interested, can be found in its entirety on Aesta's blog.

My thought is this: How does an author even get their book noticed in the vast sea of new releases? I'm just curious...

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Lori L. Clark

Lori L. Clark currently resides in Hazelwood, MO with three rescue dogs. When Lori isn't listening to the voices in her head, waiting for the next creative inspiration to strike, she also loves to read, run, paint pet portraits and save dogs. Email Lori at

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