#ResolveToWrite February 9, 2016

#ResolveToWrite: February 9, 2016
Being the Bigger Person

I work in customer service. I've learned several things from working in customer service. One of the things I've learned is that I'm very cognizant of how I treat people when I call in to customer service now.

It takes a lot some days to be polite to people who are not polite to me. In most instances, I have absolutely ZERO to do with the reason you're calling in, in the first place, let alone the reason you're mad when you call. I have no idea that you've gotten stuck in our automated phone system and aren't very happy about it. I've got no clue that you've just been transferred thirteen times and I happen to have the misfortune of being number fourteen. Yes, I understand you're upset... and I'm sorry that you're having a worse day than me, but, that doesn't mean I enjoy getting chewed out for something I have no control over. 

When I was growing up, I seem to remember my mom saying something about "You can catch more flies with honey than you can vinegar." This is great advice to anyone. But especially people who are calling into customer service and want someone to help them resolve/solve their problem. Don't yell in my ear about how mad you are as soon as my greeting is out of my mouth. You're by far more likely to get my very best customer service if you treat me like a human being! 

I am not a minimum wage worker asking if you'd like fries with your meal. I am a well respected employee at a well respected company and I deserve to be treated with respect the same as you.

Shew! That went down a road I didn't intend. :) Anyway, sometimes, you need to be a bigger person. All of us need to be the bigger person. Smile when we feel like frowning. Be nice when we really would rather not, and when someone calls you and they're mad at the world... remember: You are having a better day than they are!

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