#ResolveToWrite February 29, 2016

February 29, 2016

Otherwise Uneventful Day

It was an otherwise uneventful day. I got to sleep in this morning because I took a day of vacation. I didn't really have anything special planned, but I wanted to take the day off so I could get a few things done.

Saturday was my birthday and I sat for four hours getting a tattoo cover-up. It's not finished, and I'll have to go back and get some detail work done, but it looks pretty darn good right now. The first picture, the upside down one, that's the before picture. The second picture is the outline, work in progress. The final picture is where we stopped after four hours. Did it hurt? You bet it did. Anyone who tells you a tattoo doesn't hurt is a liar. And I have a pretty high pain threshold. It swelled up and turned red. Which is normal. There's this stuff she put on it called Hustle Butter. Best. Stuff. Ever. It smells incredible and as soon as she smoothed it on, the redness and swelling eased. 

I'm normally a homebody and I'm a bit of a hermit. So this weekend was different for me. Saturday was the tattoo. Sunday, I had someone come over and install two ceiling fans. One upstairs and one in my living room. He also installed a light fixture in the basement. Today, I had someone come over and put up a number pad for my garage door. Then an inspector and the builder came by to inspect a crack in my basement to see if the builder's warranty would cover it. I also had a man stop by to see about injecting epoxy into the cracks in case the home warranty won't cover it. Then... I went to the local mom and pop grocery store to pick up something to make for food day at work tomorrow!

Oh! I forgot. I sold my sectional sofa. It wasn't that old, but I hated it. I hated it practically since I had it delivered. Someone stopped by yesterday to buy that from me. Now, I'm sitting here snuggled with my dog on a chaise lounge lawn chair. :) I'm sure it's a conversation topic. LOL

So I go back to work tomorrow to rest up! 


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