Book Review: Come Here, Go Away Books 1-4

Welcome to the five-week long reading experience of my new serial novel titled: COME HERE, GO AWAY by Lori L. Clark

What is a serial novel? It is one, long saga, told episodically. COME HERE, GO AWAY is a very steamy, angsty, emotionally charged and flawed romance between a feisty self-defense instructor and a jaded billionaire who may or not be responsible for the death of his ex-wife. It will be told over a five-week period, each installment available every Friday, beginning January 2, 2015 for the low, low price of 99c for each episode!

Follow along with Tori and Ambrose in real time during the first five weeks of their roller-coaster-ride of a romance.

COME HERE, GO AWAY is the story of the steamy, screwed-up romance between Victoria "Tori" Isley and Ambrose Flynn. A couple of complete opposites brought together when Flynn--a smoking hot billionaire--hires Tori to train his daughter in self-defense.

Flynn was accused of hiring a hit-man to kill his ex-wife due to their bitter divorce and custody battle. Though Flynn was acquitted, the killer was never found and some still insist he's guilty. His daughter moved back home with him, and now, Flynn's convinced someone is going to kill her. Flynn maintains he had nothing to do with his ex-wife's murder and believes it was motivated by revenge. When Flynn hires Tori to give his daughter private lessons in self-defense at his mansion. Sparks fly!

Reviews by E.L. Wicker: 

Part One
I am not ashamed to say that when I read a book blurb with the words ‘billionaire’ I start frothing at the mouth. The beautiful pads, chic offices and sexy alpha males – SOLD!!

Sometimes though, these books don’t quite make it, but this one *cue spotlight’ ta-dah!

The book begins with an introduction to Tori and she’s teaching a self-defense class, so straight away I knew the main character wasn’t going to be a sap, brilliant. We quickly find out about her past and the things she’s had to deal with which strengthens her character further – she is badass!

And then we meet Flynn, *swoon, actually, his name is Ambrose Flynn, but everyone calls him Flynn, thumbs up from me. He’s cool, collected and a tad overbearing, basically everything I love in a love interest.

I won’t go into the particulars, but Flynn hires Tori to teach his sixteen year old daughter self-defense and the sparks begin to fly between our tough main character and sexy love interest. The sexual tension between the two is searing hot, but Tori can’t quite work out if he’s interested in her on not and she’s worried that he’s not the kind of man she should be becoming entangled with.

The book ends on a cliffhanger, so off to book 2 I went!

Part Two
This book begins precisely where book one left off.

Tori and Flynn’s relationship grows to a level where she now knows he’s interested, and there are some hawt scenes! He seems to really care for her, though confusion still rings in her mind.

However, she does begin to trust him more so we get to see a different aspect of their relationship.

The book also began to develop into something that I wasn’t expecting, which was a pleasant and thoroughly welcome surprise which gives this type of genre a fresh spin.

Loving this series so far!

Part Three
Once again, we pick up where the last book left off, with a nice little recap to freshen the story in our mind.

What in holy hell is going on? Should I like Flynn – or not? I’m thoroughly confused at this point, however I’m still rooting for him.

In this installment, Tori begins to pull away from Flynn a little as the alarm bells in her head increase their tirade. However Tori and Rose’s relationship continues to grow, which is really sweet.

And then all hell breaks loose, leaving me DESPERATE to know what’s going on.

Part Four
Oh me, oh my!!
Now this story has REALLY taken a turn I didn’t see coming. And I have no clue as to what is going on.
Tori and Rose are in a real pickle and as they try to make sense of what’s going on around them, we find Rose in peril in more ways than one.
I want to give more details, but I’m trying to avoid spoilers. Basically Tori must try to remain clam whilst also trying to look after and keep rose calm.
This book was the most fast paced so far and so full of mystery and suspense. At this point I’m really feeling for Flynn – what he must be going through, poor man! And Rose, arghhh – I need to know what’s going on!!! Can’t wait for the next installment.


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