Blood and Sympathy: Early Praise!

I'm very excited for my upcoming release: Blood and Sympathy!

Early readers have made remarks such as this one by Betty:

"I've finished your book. Wow! It's quite a story! Very gritty and fast paced. I liked it. Very much. The story had a real feeling to it, not your average boy from the wrong side of the tracks meets girl, fall in love, blah-di-blah. It was a lot more than that. The feelings you described were very believable, how he felt in the institution, how he felt about his brother, and indeed how she felt as well. You did well to get it from both perspectives. And the story didn't slow down, you kept it moving along nicely. But perhaps the smartest thing you did was to leave the door slightly ajar, for the next book. I hope there will be a next one, especially if it comes up to the standard of this one.
Well done!"

And this one by Kristin:

"I absolutely loved your book! I planned on reading a few chapters last night before bed, and ended up reading the entire book! I could not put it down, the relationships, the way the back stories evolved as you got to know the characters, and the characters themselves are amazing! I laughed and cried with the characters, I cannot explain how much I enjoyed this book!"

Add it to your Goodreads TBR list today!

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