Unless You're Johnny Depp

Unless you're Johnny Depp -- Piracy sucks. It was recently brought to my attention that several of my books are out there for free. My copyrighted, hard work has been pirated and the files are available for download at various places all over the net. I was sick to my stomach after finding so many. One of my author friends on Facebook posted this: RE: piracy issues and Amazon's return policy. The piracy issues with e-books is that it's an issue that is supposed to be reported to the FBI and that with enough reports and loss of revenue recorded they assign task forces to handle it. Plus maybe address the issue of Amazon's return policy for e-books since it promotes legalized theft. Of course everyone would have to take the time to fill out the 5 question form on the FBI website when it happens. Here's the link: FBI 

I filled out the form. I sent out numerous cease and desist emails. My only hope is that we can ban together to help put a stop to the thieving bastards.

I'm a giving person, but don't steal from me!


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