The Dead Tree: Blurb Experimentation

The Dead Tree
By: Lori L. Clark
Literary Thriller
Release date: June 10, 2014

Trust me when I tell you. I would rather write a 70k word novel any day of the week than: 1. A query letter. 2. A synopsis 3. A cover blurb. With a little help from some friends over at Goodreads, I've rewritten the blurb. 

Here is the final (for now) back cover blurb for The Dead Tree:

The town of Steele Grove, Missouri sits high along the bluffs of the Mississippi River. Legends run rampant around town about crazy Blythe Fountain, who discovered her beau hanging from the oak tree in the family's front yard. A short time later, two of her friends mysteriously disappeared, never to be seen, or heard from again.

Eighty years later, Ariel Fountain has inherited the property, and after catching her boyfriend cheating on her, decides she needs a change of scenery and runs headlong to a place shrouded in superstition and family mysteries which may be better off left unsolved.

Ariel sets out with the help of a local man, Grady, to uncover the truth behind the hanging and the girls' disappearances. What Ariel discovers is a secret so horrific she wishes she would have left it buried.

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Lori L. Clark

Lori L. Clark currently resides in Hazelwood, MO with three rescue dogs. When Lori isn't listening to the voices in her head, waiting for the next creative inspiration to strike, she also loves to read, run, paint pet portraits and save dogs. Email Lori at

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