The Dead Tree: Parlor

"This used to be the parlor," he said quietly.

"I guess."

"Did you know, in early America, home funerals were the practice everywhere, and each community had a group of women who came in to help with the 'laying out of the dead.' Visitation was held in the front parlor of the home followed by a procession to the church and cemetery?" he said.

My nose wrinkled and I gave him a withering stare. "No. I did not know that…and I could have gone the rest of my life not knowing it. Thank you ever so much for enlightening me."

He draped his arm over my shoulder. "Sorry. Next time I'll think before I spew more useless facts. You can blame my mother, the history teacher."

"Some useless facts are entertaining," I informed him. "Facts about funerals are just morbid and I have no need for them."

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Lori L. Clark

Lori L. Clark currently resides in Hazelwood, MO with three rescue dogs. When Lori isn't listening to the voices in her head, waiting for the next creative inspiration to strike, she also loves to read, run, paint pet portraits and save dogs. Email Lori at

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