January 23, 2014

January 23rd, 2014 StoryStarter prompt: I never believed in fate until that day...

You can only stumble along life's highway with blinders on, oblivious to the rest of the world happening around you for so long, before something comes along and smacks you upside the head and says, "Wake the hell up!"

After being cooped up from a winter that had been relentless, I was tired of it all. I had to get out of this frozen, dismal city, and into some place sunny and warm or I was going to lose my ever-loving mind. I called my friend Leanne and said, "I'm booking a cruise. You with me?"

"When, like for later this year or...?" she asked, skeptically.

"How soon can you be packed and ready to go?" I asked.

She chuckled and said, "Wait. What..." When I failed to interject any specifics, she blurted, "Oh my God. You're seriously just wanting to hop on a plane and leave at the drop of a hat. No notice. Just do it."

"Absolutely. I'm tired of winter. I want to go where the sun is as hot as the men," I giggled.

"Can you give me until tomorrow?" she asked in a tiny voice.

"Tomorrow morning, be there," I ordered and disconnected the phone.

I went online and immediately made the travel arrangements. It's amazing how cheaply you can book a cruise at the last minute. Once all the details were in place, I sent Leanne a text with our itinerary.

I knew if I thought about what I was doing for more than a few minutes, I'd make up a thousand excuses as to why it was such a bad idea.

As soon as we stepped off the plane at Fort Lauderdale, we were met with the humid warm air and I inhaled deeply. "Why do I not live here?" I breathed.

"Because you love the snow?" Leanne teased.

"Yeah I don't," I said.

We checked into our hotel for the night and walked toward the beach. "I'm starving," Leanne informed me.

I grinned and grabbed her hand. "C'mon. I know just the place!"

We went upstairs to Lulu's Bait shack and ate a whole bunch of fried food and washed it down with the best margaritas around.

Afterwards, as we made our way back to the hotel, I tripped and not so gracefully fell flat on my ass. Leanne was of no help what-so-ever. I glared at her and said, "Help me up, rude!"

"Anything for a gorgeous woman," he said. I blinked in surprise up at the owner of that voice and felt my insides turn to a hot fluttering mess.

"Well when you find one, let me know. In the mean time, don't just stand there looking hotter than the midday sun. Help me up," I said.

Leanne's mouth dropped open and her face turned three shades of red. The hot guy laughed out loud as he helped me to my feet. "Bossy much?" he asked.

I never believed in fate until that day...

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Lori L. Clark

Lori L. Clark currently resides in Hazelwood, MO with three rescue dogs. When Lori isn't listening to the voices in her head, waiting for the next creative inspiration to strike, she also loves to read, run, paint pet portraits and save dogs. Email Lori at

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